Setiap Kenit

Social Impact program

Early Intervention Makes a World of Difference

We at Klinik Kenit see the disparities and inequality in accessibility to early development, especially for at-risk children in Malaysia. Refugee families and those struggling financially often fall through the cracks, so we are bridging the gap. Through developmental screenings, assessments, and subsidized early interventions, ‘SETIAP KENIT’ program is our social enterprise initiative. We have supported 47 children so far, witnessing their smiles and their parents’ hope – proof of our impact. But we won’t stop. We seek funding and partnerships, aiming for a world where every child’s giggles echo with equal opportunity, fueled by high-quality early development resources. It’s not just a program; it’s a promise we keep, one blossoming child at a time.

supported so far
25 children
and counting
0 years
Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Equips disadvantaged children with the early development tools they need to succeed in school and life.

Community-Driven Change

Actively engages with and understands the local community's needs, tailoring its support to cultural understanding and family dynamics.

Our Program Will Impact The Lives of Thousands Underprivileged Children

Focus Area

Medical and Healthcare


Youth and Childrenn

Impact Area

Health and Social Wellbeing


Kuala Lumpur


Goal 03: Good Health and Well-being

How can you help

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Financial Support

MYR 30,000.00

Investing in highly qualified professionals through these fees allows us to deliver transformative early interventions and parenting programs that empower children and families, building a brighter future for our community

Partnership / Collaboration

More than just volunteering, it's an exchange of hearts and minds. Share your skills and compassion to uplift underprivileged children through early childhood development. In return, learn from diverse cultures, forge meaningful connections, and witness the power of collective impact